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A Dream of Angkor

Know where you are

The mysterious temples of Angkor spread over hundreds of square kilometres in the north of Cambodia.

They are the remains of an abandoned metropolis, a mighty empire, and a glorious civilization.


Ancient Angkor at first hand

I am Reinhart, living in Siem Reap since 2000, roaming the temples, reading about research, guiding and instructing tour-guides. 

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The unsurpassed Angkor Map

Do not settle with less.

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The unsurpassed Angkor Guide Book

·        A Dream of Angkor E-PDF


Temple Talks with Reinhart 

·      An Introduction on the eve of you trip


Travelling to Angkor

Do not be fooled!
Most talk about Angkor like blind people about colour. How do they know what they are saying?
Be critical. Only real experiences count here.

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Visiting the Temples

·        Practical Advice

·        Planning your Tours

·        Guided Tour to Koh Ker

·        Service to Explorers


An Invitation to Angkor for Hindus

The greatest of all ancient Vishnu temples is waiting for you.

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Cycling Angkor

Angkor is a paradise for cyclists in two ways: Most temples are in easy striking distance and the terrain is flat as a board.


25 Temples (Photo Album)