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The Mysteries of Angkor - Temple Talk with Reinhart Zieger

At the eve of your tour, at 6 p.m. in your hotel.

$ 70 fee. Angkor map and handout are included. Tour Guide is not included.


Introductory talk

Know where you are

I spread out the map and show how Angkor developed with its temples and barays.

The pyramid temples start big: Bakong - and bigger: Phnom Bakheng. Baksei Chamkrong is then much smaller. Little is built for almost half a century. Pre Rup is a humble and bold fresh start, soon surpassed by the unfinished Ta Keo and the overly bold Baphuon.

Angkor Wat stands next to Phnom Bakheng and outshines everything.

After a break of sixty years, a torrent of Buddhist buildings breaks over Angkor: Ta Prohm, Preah Khan, Bayon, Angkor Thom measures 3 by 3 km, Banteay Kdei, Ta Som, not counting the smaller temples.

Questions after questions

Why did kings keep building new temples? Which gods did you worship? What happened in the temples?

Which temples do you want to visit and in which order?

None of this is complicated, but there is an abundance of names, facts and connections.


So that it does not get too much at once, I recommend downloading the Angkor Map beforehand and preparing with my e-book. More on this on the homepage.

Tour Guide

I recommend that you also hire a tour guide to take part in the preparatory talk. I can convey that.

For that, I should know:

  • First and last day of your visit.

  • Transport by minivan, car or tuk-tuk?(
    Tuk-tuk is not recommended for visiting the Roluos Temple or Banteay Srei.)

  • Are you starting from your hotel at 8 a.m.?

  • Number of guests.

  • Children?

  • Handicaps?

  • Sunrise in Angkor Wat?


Please book early.

By the way: I still do tours to Koh Ker.


Temples in the Handout