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Koh Ker - Angkor in the Nutshell

This temple site is a jewel in the jungle, some 2 hours from Angkor, and rarely visited

On the way, we get Krolan, delicious steamed sticky rice in bamboo casings. (It is included in the price.)

"It was delicious, our breakfast from the edge of the street." (M.G.)

In Koh Ker, in the morning we visit the east-facing temples Prasat Pram, Prasat Damrei, and maybe Prasat Chen.

Then the main temple with Prasat Kraham and the great pyramid.

Lunch is in a simple restaurant.

In the afternoon, we visit the west-facing temples: the Linga Temples, Prasat Krachap, Prasat Chrap and Prasat Neang Khmau.

On the way back, we can visit Peung Komnou.

Guides full-day tour, handout map of Koh Ker.

Total price: 180-200 USD, up to the number of participants (max. 8.)   

Plus your tickets: 10 USD / person.

Booking by e-mail.