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22.09.2018 - All about the Angkor temples. Welcome to the most comprehensive and updated Angkor website in the net.

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Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

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Angkor Thom


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About Me

At Koh Ker, 2002
At Koh Ker, 2002


I am Reinhart, from Germany. In the last decades of the last century, I used to teach German, Geography and History. I was well read and travelled a lot, mainly in Asia. In 2000, I was retired and travelled to South- and Southeast Asia. I visited the temples of Angkor and eventually got stuck in Siem Reap, where I am living.

Like the ox in front of the new barn door

In 2001, I had to teach German speaking tour guides. But I could not explain the temples, even though I knew them (as I believed) and there were texts. Something was missing.


Real understanding started only when I viewed the temples in their historical context and their original function.

I have seen and been around a lot. Besides Angkor, I saw most of the essential temples abroad, from Banteay Chhmar in the west to Preah Ko (Prasat Boran) near Stoeng Treng on the Mekong, and from Preah Vihear in the north to Phnom Bayang in the south.

I have taken photographs, read books, and I have got the whole thing in a context.

I am not a tour guide but a searcher for traces of Ancient Angkor, and a story-teller.

Temple of the Week

Ta Reach in the West Gate of Angkor Wat

A statue of the standing Vishnu with eight arms.

Originally, this image was in the central tower of the pyramid. With the Buddhist takeover of the Vishnu temple, it was banned here, into the West Gate.

Ta Reach, the invisible ancestor spirit and the landlord of Angkor Wat took his place in the image. He is passionately venerated by local people. An Achar, dressed in a white shirt, directs the offering procedures.

This torso in magnificent dress incorporates female ancestor spirit whose name I could not find out.

Women were caressing the splendid legs of this Vishnu statue nearby, emulating Lakshmi who caresses the legs of the Reclining Vishnu. But I could not take a photo.

Three years ago, I watched these girls caressing the legs and after that posed for this photo.

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  • Angkor Wat West Gate 1
    Angkor Wat West Gate 1
  • Angkor Wat West Gate 2
    Angkor Wat West Gate 2
  • Angkor Wat West Gate 3
    Angkor Wat West Gate 3


We, author and visitors, are on a new way and should help each other. Please ask me your questions, I will answer soon.

Heaven is with those who give feedback.


Reappraising Angkor

Angkor still needs to be reappraised as a place where people actually lived. Roland Fletcher.

This word is the motto of my project. There are surprises in advance.

Leaving the trodden path of stereotype guide-book writing

Leaving the trodden path of stereotype guide-book writing, Reinhart has delved deep into the heart of Angkor civilization. His standard guide book offers the most authentic information and interpretation of Angkor, supported by meaningful photographs and maps.
I hope this timely publication will save Angkor from being drowned into the flood of banality. Sachchidanand Sahai, handwritten into my note book, 2012.


This is a great success for you, indeed. Thank you very much for that and congratulations! We are thrilled by content and form of your appearance and the quality of your photography skills. K.E., 2017.