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About me

Since the year 2000, I have tracked down Khmer temples in Angkor and abroad, have got acquainted with them and their history and have taken pictures.

I know my way around the temples, and especially around the faraway sites. 

I have taught German-speaking tour guides in Angkor (two times), in Thailand and Burma (Myanmar).

I am considered to be a competent guide and an experienced photographer, speaking English, German and some French.

Traditionally, the temples of Angkor are presented as isolated and monuments, arranged in an archaeological park, ready to be consumed by tourists. In the end, these monuments seem to be incomprehensible and meaningless, just „nice“.

But Angkor is the site of an ancient capital, and the temples are to be presented in their historical, cultural and spatial context; that’s the only way of understanding and to make them living.

My work is focussing on a new introduction to Angkor.

Recent publications

  • ANGKOR Map and Photo Guide, leaflet, 2009-2015.
  • Angkor Wat Photo Guide – E-Book and PDF, 2015.
  • Devatas and Apsaras of Angkor – E-Book and PDF, 2015.
  • Einladung nach Angkor – E-Book and PDF (German), 2015.

Please give me a Feedback

I appreciate the exchange of views on this matter, to hear the experiences and opinions of my readers, and to get critic (and of course: laud). Please let me know any mistakes you can find, and ask me your questions.

I will answer soon and perhaps ask you to have your text published as feedback.

Reinhart (Johann Reinhart Zieger)



Two credits by Sachchidanand Sahai:

  • I [have] read your guide book. It offers straight forward authentic information.  I am deeply impressed by your visionary efforts. (2011)
  • Leaving the trodden path of stereotype guide-book writing, Reinhart has delved deep into the heart of Angkor civilization. His standard guide book offers the most authentic information and interpretation of Angkor, supported by meaningful photographs and maps.
    I hope this timely publication will save Angkor from being drowned in the flood of banality. (2012)

(Professor Sahai "is undoubtedly one of the greatest living experts on ancient Cambodia and its institutions", as the late King Norodom Sihanouk said.)

"I enjoyed looking at your informative site. You have excellent knowledge and obviously put a lot of work into it." Dave Perkes,

"A great new article and I appreciate your recognition of Trudy's research and my own. I especially like the chronological systematization of your inquiry in your new article. Also, as always, your photos give visitors the experience of being there so they can draw their own conclusions. More please! (-:" Kent Davis, .

[Trudy Jacobsen, Lost goddesses: the denial of female power in Cambodia, Copenhagen 2008] 

"I am very impressed with you website. Almost spent the whole night going through everything as it was most fascinating!" William Merchent, June 11, 2013