Brief and comprehensive introduction to Ancient Angkor, beyond tourism routine

Angkor Pocket Guide

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Ancient Angkor is much more than just a handful of highlights; it is a world, grown up in centuries, full of cultural treasures and beauty.
The book paves a new approach to the temples, to adventures, insights, and senses of pleasures, beyond tourism routine, beyond the crowds. 
For the first time, this book features all temples in Angkor and around. 
Plus extensive guides to Banteay Chhmar, Koh Ker, Mahendraparvata (Phnom Kulen), Preah Khan of Kampong Svay (Prasat Bakan), Preah Vihear, and Sambor Preah Kuk. 
Plus Banteay Toap and Peung Komnou.
With more than 300 expressive photos, maps and plans.
Angkor in context: The temples are presented in their historical and cultural context. The information is authentic, based on extensive fieldwork and up-to-date studies. 
Temples are introduced with a “Profile”: date, reign (king), orientation, cult, and function. 
“Function” is a key term; every temple had a purpose; that helps for easy understanding. 
The kings ruled the country on behalf of Shiva. The temple should entice the god to take abode in it. And the king needed a stage for his ceremonial visit to Shiva.
In addition history, layout, symbolism, significance, visiting. Plus photos and plans.
Terms like temple, temple pyramid, tower, and so on are explained in the illustrated glossary.
This book gives an overall view and encourages you to make your own discoveries. 
With this book on your smartphone or tablet, you can design your own tours, and go your own paths.
Don’t settle with the stereotypes of tourism routine; the true Angkor is much more exciting. 
Plus some amazing insights. 
I have got the Devatas come out of their hibernation, caused by the embarrassment of early researchers and tourism routine.
Plus extensive practical advice and smart itineraries.
Plus web links to the author’s website with more temples, thousands of photos, and further web links.
Plus the author’s e-mail address; he will answer, promised!
Statement by Professor Sachchidanand Sahai.
"Leaving the trodden path of stereotype guidebook writing, Reinhart has delved deep into the heart of Angkor civilization. His standard guidebook offers the most authentic information and interpretation of Angkor, supported by meaningful photographs and maps.”
(The late King Norodom Sihanouk called S. Sahai “undoubtedly one of the greatest living experts on ancient Cambodia and its institutions.”)

A Practical Guide to Angkor

The pocket guide for your Smartphone or Tablet (PDF)



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Comprehensive and compact

Two hundred temples and key terms.


Four hundred photos and maps.

Background knowledge

Get an outline of the civilization, history, religion, and mythology of the Ancient Khmer Empire.


Find awesome and forgotten places.


Find your personal route, and don`t follow the trodden path.


Ask your questions, criticism, experiences or feedback by e-mail. You will be answered, sure.
(We don’t give addresses to anybody else.)

Reliable and up to date

The first and only prractical Angkor guide book since 1999, with first-hand information and proved facts. Focussing on the results of recent research and fieldwork.




"We recently returned from Cambodia and your guide was a great way to familiarise ourselves before visiting. Thank you!"

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The Angkor Map with 48 Temple Photos

The map is excellent and very different to the other Angkor maps.” 

Ancient Angkor at a glance with forty temple photos and profiles in context.

Folded in a handy bag. Mit deutscher Übersetzung. Avec traduction francaise.

Available at Monument Books Siem Reap, on the river front between Old Market and Ta Prohm Hotel.



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